[D02] Acaua Natural Aerobic Fermentation


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Nose: blackberries, red berries
Flavor: brown sugar, green tea, peach, plum

Acaua is a crossing between the varietals Mundo Novo and Sarchimor. Besides being a vigorous and productive tree, this varietal usually makes coffees with distinctive yellow fruit tastes. It’s a long road to get here, though – this is Acaua’s sixth generation in Daterra (and each generation takes almost three years to produce).

Process: We harvested the ripe Acaua cherries and placed them on a fermentation tank without water, yeast, or any other additives – it’s an open, natural fermentation

Screen size: 16/18
Plot: BV40
Harvesting: Selective Mechanical
Drying: Patio

USD $16.00/lb

This coffee is sold in boxes of 24.2kg (53,25lbs) of green coffee.

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Weight 25 kg


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