[D15] Red Catucai Natural Aerobic Fermentation


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Nose: tropical fruits, floral, strawberry
Flavors: raspberries, cherry liqueur, red berries, rum. Phosphoric acidity.

: Catucai is a cross between varietals Icatu and Catuai that occurred naturally, resulting in well-producing and vigorous plants with resistance against the leaf rust. In fact, there are many different lineages of Catucai today: some of them give red cherries while others give yellow fruits.

We made this coffee fermenting the ripe Catucai cherries inside an open tank. We don’t use water, yeast, or any other additives – it’s an open, natural fermentation.

Screen size: 16/18
Plot: BV 40
Harvesting: Handpicking
Drying: Raised Beds

USD $18.00/lb

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Weight 24.2 kg


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