[D20] Guarani Natural Aerobic Fermentation


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Nose: tropical fruits, molasses.
Flavor: papaya, green apple, mango, rosé wine.

Varietal: Guarani is a selection of the Aramosa varietal performed in Daterra. The Aramosa is a cross between Coffea Arabica and Coffea Racemosa that we have been researching in our farm in partnership with The Agronomic Institute of Campinas. We have grown many generations of Aramosa and, a couple of years ago, we noticed that some trees were more productive than the rest. We selected seeds from these trees and named this selection Guarani.

Process: We made this coffee fermenting the ripe Guarani cherries inside an open tank. We don’t use water, yeast, or any other additives – it’s an open, natural fermentation.

Screen size: 16/18
Plot: BV 35
Harvesting: Handpicking
Drying: Patio

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This coffee is sold in boxes of 24.2kg (53,25lbs) of green coffee.

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