[D22] IPR100 Natural Aerobic Fermentation


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Nose: blueberry, violet, berries, winey.
Flavor: gamey wine, grapes, strawberry, orange.

IPR100 cultivar was developed to have a higher resistance to nematodes. It’s a cross between Catuai and a hybrid (Catuai x BA-10) and has genes of the species Coffea Liberica. This is the first arabica varietal resistant to the nematode M. paranaensi without the need to graft robusta roots!

Process: We made this coffee fermenting the ripe IPR100 cherries inside an open tank. We don’t use water, yeast, or any other additives – it’s an open, natural fermentation.

Score: 90,4
Screen size: 16/18
Plot: TB 43
Harvesting: Handpicking
Drying: Patio

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This coffee is sold in boxes of 24.2kg (53,25lbs) of green coffee.

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Weight 25 kg


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